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How to Make Self-Watering Pots: Morag Gamble - Our Permaculture Life

Receive Morag's FREE booklet: 12 Key Tips for a Thriving Edible Garden TEACH PERMACULTURE: LEARN WITH MORAG GAMBLE Find out more: https://permacultureeducationinstitut... How To Make Self-Watering Pots by Morag Gamble - Our Permaculture Life. Visit for more information. In this short film Morag shows you how to make your own self-watering pots using old milk bottles. These pots make propagating your own seedlings super-easy and cheap too. Time spent watering time is diminished and so is the chance of the seedlings drying out. Using your own seeds lets you plant far more variety in your garden. Saving seeds and community seed exchange is so important for the protection the diversity of food and to support food sovereignty.