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TRAPS TRAPS TRAPS!!! Environmental BUILD GUIDE | Fortnite Save The World

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My personal discord link: READ THE RULES! this Discord is NOT for trading or taxis. Simply an easy way for us to chat! (Though there are rooms in my discord to help you find people to team up with for stormchests and missions.) In this video I test out the NEW MYTHIC NINJA! The Cloaked Star Link to stormshield one (Mission alerts to find Vbucks missions) _________________________________________________________________ My social media Links below! My Twitter: My Facebook: My Discord INV: __________________________________________________________________ Trading & Team finding links Here are the new updated links for the groups both Facebook and discord. 1. Fortnite PvE Community : and 2. Fortnite Trading Community: 3. Discord Trading Community: Please be respectful to the staff and the community. I do not own this group I have only recommended it so please do not message me with your problems, please message the staff. __________________________________________________________________ Peace ~~~ Aidan