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I Have a Secret Admirer! (EPIC TREASURE HUNT REVEALS WHO) 💝 | Piper Rockelle

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Shalom guys! Hope your super bowl sunday is great but better watching this funny video. I have a secret admirer! Will an epic Valentine’s Day treasure hunt reveal who it is? This starts out as a Valentine’s room makeover 2019 but turns into a crazy scavenger hunt to find out who my secret admirer is. My secret admirer gets me Gucci and then gives me clues on Instagram that lead to other treasures. Who is my secret admirer? Or if this all a Valentine’s Day prank? Watch MY NEWEST VIDEO RIGHT HERE: My Boyfriend REACTS to BAD NEWS ** I CRIED ** 💔 Use the clues and help me find out who my secret admirer is! #epic #secret #treasurehunt Editor/Hunter: -------------------- Follow Piper Rock-elle: Boost me on Famous Birthdays: Twitter: Instagram: