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Carbon Cub S+ Unboxing and Maiden Flight (Waco Biplane and Teksumo flights also)

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I’m extending my Rc plane experience with the Carbon Cub S+, equipped with Horizon Hobby's exclusive and innovative SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology, this scale reproduction makes it easier to learn to fly in less time than ever before. Advanced features including AutoLand, Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence make it easy for almost anyone to fly successfully from their very first flight, while additional features including oversized tundra tires and optional flaps and floats offer the capability and versatility to fly from almost any surface, anywhere. I had my first flying lesson with Vas from Aussie Rc Playground so special thanks to him and his channel is linked below. Vas also flew the Waco Biplane and the Teksumo wing from Hobbyking Flying an airplane is so exhilarating and addictive you want to spend all day flying. Video schedule in minutes Finished assembling 6.15 Crash time 9.30 First takeoff time 10.20 First landing 14.00 Waco Biplane flight 15.59 Teksumo Wing flight 17.04 My plane stuck in the tree 21.45 Thanks for watching my new video don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. Check out my other videos here: Subscribe to WigganRC channel: Apprentice Mini S Unboxing and flight: Buy Carbon Cub S+ from Metro Hobbies: Buy the Waco Biplane: Buy Teksumo from Hobbyking: Aussie Rc Playground channel: Join my new Facebook group Wiggan Rc: