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One View Can Create Change | #CreatorsforChange 2018

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Creators around the world are making videos that opens minds, promote harmony and inspire togetherness. Because no matter your message, when you share your view with positivity, there’s no limit to the change it can create. Watch all 50+ films at Read more about Creators for Change here → Special thank you to: Afros e Afins (Nátaly Neri): AsapSCIENCE: Beleaf in Fatherhood: BENI: Cameo Project: Connor Franta: Datteltäter: Diana zur Löwen: Duo Harbatah: Eh Bee Family: Film Maker Muslim: Fly With Haifa: Fun for Louis: Girliyapa: Gita Savitri Devi: Hallease: HugoDécrypte: Humza Productions: ImJette: İlker Gümüşoluk: Janina Vela: Jazza John: Jouelzy: Jovi Adhiguna Hunter: Jubilee Media: L-FRESH the LION: Lea Camilleri: Maha AJ: MaximNoise: MILCK: Ministry of Funny: MostlySane: Muaz Osman: Muro Pequeno: Myles Dyer: MyPaleSkin: Niharika Nm: Omar Farooq: Picnicly: Raneem Al Muhandis: Riyadh K: Shog AL Maskery: Subhi Taha: Swann Périssé: The MingThing: Victoria Volkóva: Yasmany Del Real: "YOUTH" & "WILD" Performed by Troye Sivan Courtesy of Capitol Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises