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เหวี่ยงสะท้านโลกา!! กับเครื่องเล่นที่โคตรโหด!!! - The Ska Challenge SS2 EP.3

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The Ska Challenge SS2 is back again with EP.3. We're taking everyone to get on this extreme ride. We're not joking when we say only the bravest can get on it! 'Cause it will swing you to the horizon!! ***cast*** The Ska Gold Bie the Ska Instagram ► bietheska Facebook ► THE SKA CHALLENGE Tubtim Instagram ► tubtimaekky Facebook ► Ben Instagram ► fatlipzgipz Facebook ► Man Instagram ► mannerhuf Facebook ► Seen Instagram ► il.seenmgs Facebook ► Game Instagram ► gamefedx Facebook ► Aun Instagram ► ht_bryan Facebook ► The Ska Red Geno Instagram ► gnpm Facebook ► Aom Instagram ► rungladda_aom Facebook ► Ohjo Instagram ► vman_ohjo Facebook ► Force Instagram ► forcezii Facebook ► Noom Instagram ► noom.tsp Facebook ► Moodang Instagram ► imoodangz Facebook ► Razor Instagram ► razormaskman Facebook ► - The Ska Green Golfy Instagram ► golfy_pleunpung Facebook ► Pond Instagram ► Pond_nitis Facebook ► Aek Phanu Instagram ► aek_phanuu Facebook ► Muk Instagram ► imukkyy Facebook ► Champ Instagram ► champiie Facebook ► Dean Instagram ► deanpossible Facebook ► Earth Instagram ► apich.eths Facebook ► referee Ping Instagram ► PING_THESKA Facebook ► Please subscribe so you don't miss our new vids every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday *** Be my friend and follow me on*** Facebook ► IG ► BieTheSka Twitter ► BieTheSka Line Sticker ► *** The Ska Shop *** Facebook ► Line ID ► @TheSkaShop *** Follow The Ska Family on *** Facebook ► IG ► TheSkaFilm Website ► **Our videos have English subtitles, which will be available in 3 days after each video is uploaded. Click on the CC button to turn them on. Our fun and laughter began with Bie the Ska (Krit Boonyarang), a fun-loving videomaker who aspires to make people around him smile. He started making videos to amuse his friends and classmates. As a self-taught videomaker, he has always been improving his skills. By the end of 2013, The Ska Film Co., Ltd. was found and has since created countless of fun and entertaining videos which are also educational, such as Life’s Manual, Common Type, Let’s Travel and many more. Bie the Ska channel currently has over 8.6 million subscribers, making it one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in Thailand. Besides, there are many channels under The Ska Film production, which are The Snack, Epic Toys, Pleunpung, Fatzlip, Here Zone Teen, Yumaining, and last but not least, The Ska Room, a channel for film lovers. The Ska Film is undoubtedly a production company that can represent various types of brands and products. As a polyvalent Digital Media House that provides one stop services, The Ska Film meets Bie the Ska’s objective to bring a smile to everyone across the world. An objective that can be summed up in one motto: “Do you know that your smile makes me so very happy? ^^” For sponsorship advertising, video advertising, and event management; contact [email protected] 090-919-4567 (Tubtim)