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Honda Delsol Project // Chronology | The Birth of ilker's Garage

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This is the car that the story begins ... no primer's garage at that time, no Youtube channel ... it started when I bought Honda Delsol VTI, which is a dream ... When I found Delsol in February 2012, I started to do something small with a low budget in my own garage, because I did not have the chance to materialize if I wanted to make a very standard vehicle, with credit, to make a lot of changes, and this job was so enjoyable that the events came up to this point. .. 2012 - the year I bought the vehicle, I would not even run for three years because of my debts, and then I would do something small. But things never happened like this, in the first few weeks I had to disassemble and clean the car interior, the seats, the console, the luggage engine, etc ... and then there was nothing left to do so I decided to remove the cylinder cover and paint it, 2013 - when we came to the situation of the vehicle had come to the situation I wanted an extra coilover, etc. I even made improvements, even this year will be opened for the first time even joined the Istanbul Park runway. When I work in a corporate company on a shift day, I try to get a chance to use the tool when I get the opportunity. I understand that now I have developed myself at that time. 2014 - After my experience on the track, I saw the lack of the car and I made the engine modifications to move on. I will use it for 3 years, my wheels are Takata green Te37s. 2015 - Now that I have to deal with a limited tool, I went to Custom Parts this time and made the ceiling spoiler first. I made a few additions to the walk. I like Function7 brand Subframe - Lca and Beax tensioner ... Then I joined the runway on the runway this time, but the roadbreaking of the car had improved but the same thing was not the same for the brakes ... During this time, I came. I was more determined to do this job now ... 2016 - I can not find the racing type diffuser that I want the most in our country. I also made the first diffuser after a long research drawings and tests. 2017 - I started to do other friends' tools in my own garage. We were on our way to becoming a garage now. We also designed a second generation diffuser and DTM spoiler during this period. At the same time Martini Racing did not wear it but MAD Custom Sticker Mehmet Ali Dinç designed and implemented it with my friend. I met my older brother in the old workplace and left the room job and came after dreams to do his favorite job ... From April onwards there was a garage and our sign was originally Garage. Our friends who follow the story of the story more or less in the backyard know that we are fighting with many obstacles and difficulties and thanks to you, we will continue to work and fight in the better places and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who follows and supports us ... Vehicle; 1993 Honda Delsol Vti Modifications: - Megan Racing Headers 2.25 + 51mm Intermediate Pipes + Original 63mm Varex - Accel Spark Plug Cable + NGK Iridium Spark Plug - Simota Custom Filter Kit + Cold Air Port - Unorthodox Light Pulley Set - Spoon Sports Tork Damper - Password: JDM Engine Dress Kit - Skunk2 Front and Rear Tower Impact - Function7 Subframe + LCA + Beaks Subframe - Energysuspension Master Bushing Kit - Wilwood 310mm 4 Piston Large Brake Kit - Vmaxx Coilover - Godspeed Kamber Kiti - USDM Headlights - Volk Rays Te37SL (8x16 ET20) - Nardi Torino Sports Steering Wheel - Momo Carbon Gear Knob - S2000 Seats - Custom Ceiling Spoiler - Custom DTM Spoiler - Custom Diffuser - Custom Split Under Splitter - Vehicle Weight Reduction etc. We will be very happy if you share and comment videos and like ... Do not forget to follow us! Good Cruises ...