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Ferrari Daytona & Lamborghini 350GT - Remedying 2 classic Italian V12s | Tyrrell's Classic Workshop

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In this episode, we delve in to a “day in the life” in the workshop. Iain uses some tricks of the trade to recover lost cylinders in two V12's that haven't been fired up in anger for some time. The Lamborghini 350GT is about to be stripped for body restoration and a full service, but first it’s important to assess thoroughly how it drives before the serious work starts, so parts (such as sticking brakes) can be dealt with at the same time. The Ferrari Daytona has already spent time in the workshop but has developed a running fault that requires further investigation. Thank you once again to everyone for the overwhelming reception of these videos and for all the support of likes, subscribes and wonderful comments. It gives us tremendous encouragement for the future of this channel. This video was created with the support of A House of Cars: A big thank you as well to Jonathan Whipp of Whipp3dCream for the sterling work filming and editing these episodes. Follow Iain on Instagram: Follow Iain on Facebook: