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New VR Skin Will Change Gaming Forever

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Virtual reality is something video game developers and console creators have been working on developing for years. It's been available before, but never has there been anything like what's coming next! SUBSCRIBE NOW to The Gamer! Click here: Remember the scene in Ready Player One where Wade Watts purchases the X-1 Haptic Bootsuit and can now interact and play in the world of the OASIS like never before?! Well, the movie may have been considered science-fiction, but it’s slowly becoming a reality. Haptic technology has improved leaps and bounds in recent years, including a new VR synthetic skin that will change gaming forever. We are living right on the cusp of true virtual gaming. VR headsets allow us to explore virtual worlds like never before, but the key is to take advantage of all five senses. We have sight. Hearing. Taste and smell are probably a long way away, but one element needed to take VR gaming to the next level? Touch. Haptic suit technology allows players to feel vibrations and expand on the suits, but the tech has been clunky and unreliable over the years. Seriously, you shouldn’t feel like Randy all bundled up in A Christmas Story just to play a video game. Well, this is where the VR synthetic skin comes in. Thin and lightweight, developers at Northwestern University have created a thin, VR skin they refer to as “Epidermal VR”. How does the technology actually work? How will it be implemented with the PS5 and Xbox Series X? And what are some of the hurdles the suit must overcome before we’re snatching up an outfit for ourselves?! Well, we have all the answers, including a connection to the PSVR 2 rumored for release sometime in 2021! For copyright matters, please contact us at: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Social Media: Our Website