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clean vines for my church friends.

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you're welcome. creators (listed in order of appearance): youtube capture TLC invisibletv KINGDADDY OMFGAGS kids getting hurt peter holmes (shailene woodley interview) nada dealer on youtube haley bieniewicz roy purdy dankduck45 on youtube live tea on youtube jaselyn joyce on youtube black vines on youtube cole hersch mask cobra on youtube bestvideos2016 on youtube brock baker xfactor rylee melon on youtube james craig on youtube christian leave (vines from comical vines on youtube) newsies trash the 0nline gam3s on vine nick mastodon sobyf on youtube (original creator unknown) kurtis conner ariana acosta on youtube dan curtin ayte sweatpants grace richardson on youtube caleb city taylor reilly regaljoe BCtommyboy88 boysru1e elijah gibbons vine esteban salazar doubletap on youtube chrish unkyjayjay on youtube matt vando on youtube kellymahones jabraneelawani asiamarie andrew rosenburg on youtube kmlkmljkl MAV on youtube "legalize gay weed" on youtube (sorry ik its a weird name lol) bestvideos2016 on youtube (original maker unknown) AMmusic on youtube memondotv on youtube antonellimon TM on youtube weakling chris