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Fact: The Star Wars are ALL Jar Jar’s Fault! | Gnoggin

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You’ve never heard it like this before! Here we’ll explore every detail found in the Star Wars trilogies and find out just how much blame Jar Jar Binks can account for! Everything from the death of the Jedi, to the destruction of Alderaan can be traced back to his nefarious deeds! But what gets crazy, is that they aren’t his fault by mistake! Let’s look at the evidence and see how Jar Jar was initially planned to be a Sith Lord! AND why it was all changed! - - - This video is chapter based, so you can come back and watch other parts later by clicking on these links: Part 0: Intro and Canon: 0:01 Part 1: Jar Jar's Character 5:10 Part 2: Use of the Force 12:17 Part 3: Episode I Plot Points 21:54 Part 4: Foreshadowing & Tidbits 27:06 Part 5: The Big "Why?" 32:12 Part 6: The Future of Star Wars: 41:17 Curious about what games I recommend? Click here: Support Gnoggin on Patreon! Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Music: "Echoes of Time v2" Kevin MacLeod ( "Egmont Overture" Kevin MacLeod ( "Minima" Kevin MacLeod ( "Impact Lento" Kevin MacLeod ( "Hero Down" Kevin MacLeod ( "Orion 300XB" Kevin MacLeod ( "Our Story Begins" Kevin MacLeod ( "Private Reflection" Kevin MacLeod ( “Also Sprach Zarathustra” Kevin MacLeod ( "Tempting Secrets" Kevin MacLeod ( "Discovery Hit" Kevin MacLeod ( Are all licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Video Game OST used under Fair Use: “Phendrana Drifts” - Metroid Prime - Nintendo “Title Theme” - Metroid Fusion - Nintendo “Sans” - Undertale - Toby Fox Outro Music by Kubbi: No copyright infringement was intended, if I have used something of yours and missed the credit, please contact me through the Facebook link above and I can add your credit. ... ... ... Can you really believe it? Jar Jar is a Sith! Jar Jar is an evil Sith Mastermind! Jar Jar is Snoke! (well not that one) Jar Jar is on the Dark Side! So how was my explanation of the Jar Jar Theory? Is it believable? Or is it just a crazy fan theory? A conspiracy theory even. Did George Lucas abandon the Jar Jar plot twist? Tell me what you think down below! You’ve read this far into the description so you must be dedicated!