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Grizzly Peak Airfield Area Music Loop

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Hello! With great pleasure, I am happy to announce that I have uploaded the full loop to the newly opened Grizzly Peak Airfield in California Adventure. Yes, this is the same loop as the exterior loop of Smokejumpers Grill. I removed that video and re-uploaded an entirely new version of it with clearer audio. If you have any questions about this loop, please don't hesitate to ask! Track listing from start to finish of video: -The Sunny Vista Motel - Rupert Gregson-Williams - Bedtime Stories -Watch Hill - Tim Janis - Music of Hope -The Great Plains - Patrick Doyle - Impressions of America -Summer's Glory - Tim Janis - American Horizons -Hillside Meadow - Tim Janis - American Horizons -American Horizons - Tim Janis - American Horizons -The Rocky Mountains - Tim Janis - American Horizons -The Buffalo Hunt - John Barry - Dances with Wolves -Homeland - Hans Zimmer - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron -The Trees - Jerry Goldsmith - Medicine Man -Opening - Angels in the Outfield -The Trees - Jerry Goldsmith - Medicine Man -Under the Lighthouse - Tim Janis - A Quiet Shore -Finale #1 - Randy Edelman - Dragonheart -March to Mortality (Pickett's Charge) - Randy Edelman - Gettysburg -Leaving Birch Ridge - Joel McNeely - Iron Will -Crossing the Line - Joel McNeely - Iron Will -Finale #1 - Randy Edelman - Dragonheart -Angel Falls - George Fenton - Planet Earth -A Quiet Shore - Tim Janis - Water's Edge -The Patriot (Reprise) - John Williams - The Patriot -Point Reyes - Tim Janis - Water's Edge -Grand Isle - Tim Janis - Coastal America -The Wave - Randy Edelman - Angels in the Outfield -The End Title - Randy Newman - The Natural -To the Pacific - Sam Cardon - Lewis and Clarke: Great Journey -West -Music of Hope - Various Artists - Music of Hope -Learning Montage - John Debney - Swing Vote -Beautiful America - Tim Janis - Beautiful America -Eight Below Overture - Mark Isham - Eight Below -Fairy Dusted Festival - Joel McNeely - The Music From The Pirate Fairy Big thanks to the folks over at for helping me rebuild this loop! Enjoy All rights belong to their respective owners. Subscribe for more! Connect with SHL! Facebook Page: Twitter: Google+ Want to really help support the channel with a small money donation? Take a look here: Every little bit counts!