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Building Concrete Forms in the ABANDONED CHURCH for a new Foundation Wall!! Pt.3 Ep.6

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This video is a continuation of last weeks video, if you haven't seen it yet check it out here: basically I show how I completed the forms for concrete and got everything ready to pour! All videos from the ABANDONED CHURCH series can be found here: Be sure you are SUBSCRIBED to Diesel Creek so you don't miss any project updates! Also if you liked the video help me out and hit that thumbs up button!!! Follow me on Instagram & Facebook @dieselcreek to see some of what i'm up to before it hits YouTube! #DieselCreek Music Credits: My good friend does an amazing job making all the original music featured in my videos so go check him out! Custom Music made for me by Vinnie Longhi of the Semi-Supervillains Check them out here: