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आत्मरक्षा Mantra With Meaning | P.Pu.Pankajbhai |

#atmaraksha #mantra #meaning Namo Jinanam, PPuPankajbhai explains how divine grace protects and prepares the self for ultimate purpose of life when recited knowingly, regularly and consciously. He is an electronic engineer, scientist and businessman by profession with a unique view on life, spirituality and religion. Discord, disharmony, disillusionment, derangement and disease are a part of everyday life. A Scientific Practical Divine Lifestyle and Mantra Yog is suggested as a solution to all problems of humanity. Persistence, faith and acceptance of reality are a means to wellness, completeness or experience of freedom from suffering in the here and now. Based on cosmic principles or Law Of Nature Maitri (divine friendship) and Seva (unconditional love) are essential roles of human beings. No caste, creed, age, gender or religion is binding as shown by God. Thank You, God Bless, Namo Jinanam. P.Pu.Pankajbhai. Param Sukh Jivan Vikas Kendra (PSJVK). ======================================================= YouTube :    For knowledge packed learning subscribe to Paramsukh TV Namojinanam and receive notifications of latest updates. ======================================================== TV :  You can connect with us daily on Arihant TV Channel : 8:20am and 11:40pm. ============================================================ Mobile App : Aastha App (with one week’s catch up !) Aastha - Official App – Apps on Google Play =========================================================== Social Media : Facebook : Twitter : Join WhatsApp Group : +919920203965 =========================================================== Media :  CD / DVD, Magazine, Life Membership. ======================================================== Current Events And Upcoming Events : Residential Retreat (Updhyan). 13th December - 31st December. Lonavla. Divine Living Workshops : For students, businessmen, householders,  teachers, parents, youth, senior citizens and all. Swadhyay / Satsang : Celebration Of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Life Events With Family, Friends, And Relatives For Conscious Self Evaluation, Self Elevation And Self Evolution. Those interested in being a part of these activities can contact 24x7 Missed Call Helpline : 9920202756 / 9833133266 / 9619955447. =================================== Visit :   =================================== Email : [email protected] ============================================================ Namo Jinanam