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DIY Android Auto Raspberry PI Head Unit, Rear View Camera, Navigation & Music

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Part 2 is Ready! A super quick, easy DIY Rear View, Navigation and Music system that runs on a Raspberry Pi with OpenAuto. Android Auto running on a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Official 7-inch Touchscreen Display. 0:55 Raspberry Pi Touchscreen: If you're not feeling like building your own enclosure, you can buy generic plastic cases made by "Smarticase" - Google it... 1:04 Raspberry Pi 3: (even cheaper USD$38) 2:04 5Volt 5Amp DC-DC Converter: 2:45 USB Keyboard: 3:00 USB Sound Card: These are the mics I had laying around, anything would work. 3:27 Backup Camera: Fisheye Cameras: 3:40 Pi Camera HDMI Cable Extension: If you'd like to drop a few dollars in the hat for Fuel or Camera Gear, please consider becoming a member of the channel. For more information on becoming a member, Click Here: Get a DJI drone here: Android Auto General Information: Get the app on your phone and try it out: The Github for this project is here: The Build Instructions are here: My GPIO script to change the camera and brightness will be here: (Missing - need to get it for you)