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RNT 26 breeding for fighting ability

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Breeding for fighting ability Breeding for fighting ability is the most complex job of a gamefowl breeder. For centuries breeding for fighting characteristics had been done mostly by trial and error, without scientific principles to guide the old-time breeders. Now, the situation is much better.Today breeders can be guided by genetic principles that make the task simpler and more accurate. Advances in genetics has taken away much of trial and error from gamefowl breeding. However, when it comes to fighting ability, it is still the subjective assessment of the experienced breeder that counts most. But there are now helpful scientific principles. It is worth noting, however, that in gamefowl breeding there are so many unexpected variations along the way. Knowledge in scientific breeding is just an advantage not sure-fire formula. And. don’t get misled by the terms. The terms sound complicated only because they are alien to you. However, once you get the idea and as long you already have a grasp of some genetics, the underlying principles are simple. It will make gamefowl breeding simpler.