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Spartacus || The Fall of the House of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus

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Don't forget to watch it in HD. Throughout Gods of The Arena and Blood and Sand, Batiatus was one of the main antagonists and thus a villain. Obviously he did not see himself as such and nor did any roman - "Each believes himself the hero, the other villain. It is for history to decide who is mistaken." This is mainly a Batiatus tribute. John Hannah played his part stupendously and Spartacus excels in making the viewer love and hate the villains simultaneously. I merely tried to portray his misfortune and his schemes. The fall of his house and the beginning of the story. I concentrated more on the story of Batiatus than Lucretia since she survived for longer, but not to exclude her I ought to mention that like any other character, Lucretia was also very well written and Lucy Lawless is fantastic.