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" fORtNitE sUcKs, gO bAcK tO cALL oF dUTy "

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i played call of duty black ops 3 and not fortnite for a video. yuh • Previous Uploads: Making a little kid cry on Fortnite.... - The GREATEST No-Skin On Fortnite.... - • My Stuff Twitter - Instagram - Second Channel - Songs Used: Shawn Wasabi - I lost all my eggs Lady Bee - Drop It Down Like Kellbender - Mission Statement Wizards of Waverly Place Theme Outro Song: Josh A - No Chill this video was originally like 12 minutes long and had BO2 as well as MW3 footage but I removed it all last minute because im too picky and wasnt really feeling it. idk new fortntie vid wednesday. ily - fe4rless