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ANGRY JAMES • A Cow Chop Compilation

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I now have a Patreon! With your support, I will be looking to hire an editor to help create more consistent and high quality videos! • Don't forget to comment down below your compilation ideas to be featured in the intro! 🐮🔪 • All credit goes to Cow Chop • My Twitter - • Support Cow Chop by buying their merch! • Really love Cow Chop? Go give them so money! I'm not affliated with Cow Chop in any way, this is my own channel. The guys at Cow Chop have given me their consent for this channel and to monetize my videos. Your response on the Patreon video was incredible, the majority of you guys were cool with ads being put on the videos so thank you and thank you so much for your support. I also have taken down my Patreon page pretty much just because I wanted to.