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Redmi k20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera Comparison

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Oneplus 7 Camera Samples: Redmi K20 Pro Camera Samples: Redmi K20 Pro Unboxing: Oneplus 7 Unboxing: Oneplus 7 Pro Unboxing: Oneplus 7 Pro vs Redmi K20 Pro Camera Comparison: Redmi K20 Pro Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Comparison: Subscribe to this Channel: Join our Google Chat Group Smartphone Camera Comparisons: Smartphone Honest Reviews: Living in China Vlogs: Most Popular Video of this Channel: Redmi K20 pro is the newest flagship smartphone with Snapdragon 855 processor. Redmi K20 is one of the best Midrange smartphones with Snapdragon 730 processor. Redmi K20 Pro and K20 both share the same Popup selfie and Triple Rear camera setup. Redmi K20 pro and Redmi K20 is very popular among youth due to the super cheap prices of these devices. Redmi K20 Pro Camera Review, Oneplus 7 Camera Review, Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7, Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera Comparison, Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera Review, Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera Test, Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 Camera, Redmi K20 Pro camera, Oneplus 7 Camera, Oneplus 7 vs Redmi K20 Pro, Oneplus 7 vs Redmi K20 Pro Camera Comparison, Oneplus 7 vs Redmi K20 Pro Camera Review, Oneplus 7 vs Redmi K20 Pro Camera Test, Oneplus 7 vs Redmi K20 Pro Camera, You probably already know that redmi k20 pro got 3 camera setup at the rear and oneplus 7 got only 2. Also while redmi k20 pro got dedicated ultra wide & telephoto lens, oneplus 7 misses both, instead got a depth sensor, which is more than ordinary at this point of time. If you don’t know yet then oneplus 7 and redmi k20 pro both got the same Sony IMX586 main sensor. Both of these phones can record at 4k and even at 4k 60 frame per second, surprisingly the performance of 4k 60 fps and 4k 30 fps is totally different in these 2 smartphones. Under bright daylight, both of the smartphones offer similar quality images and it was really very difficult to find any visible differences at a glance, I have made all these pictures available for you, you can download and compare by yourself, the download link is in the description box below. I like the deeper color of oneplus 7 and high contrast of redmi k20 pro. If you look closely you will see that redmi k20 pro grabbed more details in the shadows than oneplus 7 and also kept correct color and contrast ratio. Please note that deeper color doesn’t mean saturation, and there is a little bit off saturation at the background of oneplus 7 pictures, can you see that? Redmi K20 pro like oneplus 7 pro uses the telephoto lens to take portrait photos and that makes it a little difficult to take good portrait shots in a congested place, however, portrait photos taken with k20 pro is way better than oneplus 7, especially edge detection, blur level, focusing object, everything is better. The not only rear camera but also front camera portraits are equally better than oneplus 7. Both of the phones failed to detect bright light and failed to control brightness at the bright areas, either brightness is gone way too low or too high, the trend is similar in both smartphones. As you know there is no ultra wide lens in oneplus 7, I tried to take an ultra wide picture with redmi k20 pro and then compare with oneplus 7, you can see the difference in focal length. As mentioned earlier, I like the bold & punchy colors of oneplus 7, and here you can see again, oneplus 7 maintained a little higher dynamic range, it is nothing big but if checked carefully it can be seen. However, redmi k20 pro is no slouch here. Stands tall and fought neck to neck. Oneplus 7 pictures may look social media ready but there is a hint of saturation and that motivates my personal preference to bend toward redmi k20 pro. Now, in these photos, can you see any difference? Yes, there are some and most importantly redmi k20 pro again provides more details with sharpness. The color tone could be an issue if it was more significant, but what I see is nothing drastic. Oneplus nightscape as praised by many is really somehow a good night mode among all smartphones, but here what I see is that redmi almost caught up with same quality image. However, still oneplus 7 night photos are a little better at the dark spots. If I had to choose then I would go for redmi k20 pro, because not only redmi k20 pro generates images with better details and sharpness, color reproduction is also good, there is no segment where oneplus 7 wins with a big margin, then why should I spend the extra money to buy a pricier device?