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Can I trust my try square? How to check 90°, 45° and the spirit level - DIY JIG

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A try square or carpenter's square is probably one of the most important tools in any workshop, so it is even more annoying if this try square is not 90°. The amazing thing here is that most try square from the DIY store are less accurate than cut panels. Try squares that really keep their promises are usually really expensive. One of these try squares is the try square from Starret. With this try square you can not only mark 90° but also 45°. It also has a spirit level. From this try square there are also cheap replicas. If you have such an try square, you can use the instructions in this video to check 90°, the 45° and the spirit level. If you have any questions please write it in the comment section. I will answer every single one. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up, if not please let me know whats wrong, in the comment section. If you want to support my channel, you have the following options: Put a coin in my hat: Support me on Patreon: Buy something on Amazon -- The following links lead to Amazon. If you buy something there, I get a small part of the commission, but for you this doesn't change the price. This also applies if you buy something completely different but have accessed Amazon via one of these links. If you would like to support me, just have a look at one of these tools and buy a nice book afterwards. Starrett combination square: My favorite clamp: Large universal clamp: Ingenious wooden clamp: My jigsaw: My cordless screwdriver: Gear Orbital sanders: My circular saw and tablesaw: -- * NEW VIDEOS * I publish a new video every week. If you want to be informed when a new video appears, click on SUBSCRIBE and then on the small bell next to it. This is absolutely free of charge and does not entail any obligations and can be cancelled at any time. -- * Music in this video* is from the YouTube audio library #DIYJIG #Vorrichtung #selbermachen