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A Second Secret that Hodor could never tell anyone

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Hodor had a secret. But he never got to tell anyone, because he could only say one word. Hodor. It’s not the Hold the door thing. It’s something much bigger. We learned about it in Bran’s second to last chapter in the books. When they fight their way up to the cave. It’s subtle though, so I never caught it, until today. He wondered what Meera would think if he should suddenly tell her that he loved her. (ADWD, Bran II) Does Hodor love Meera? Or was that Bran thinking about love? And if Hodor loved her, did he adopt that love since from Bran after being warged? Or Did Hodor love her all along? #gameofthrones #gameofthronesseason8 #hodor Subscribe to this Channel: ◑ Game of Thrones: ◑ The Witcher History and Lore (NETFLIX): ◑ The Witcher Gameplay: ◑ Westworld: ◑ Altered Carbon: ◑ Stormlight Archive: ◑ Ending Explained Videos: ◑ Movie Reviews: