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The TOP Travel vocabulary in Spanish! ✈

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I will teach you all the Spanish vocabulary you need to get around the airport. You will be able to add many more words to your Spanish vocabulary, and to learn some useful phrases in Spanish. I will also tell you some stories to explain some nuances of the Spanish language. For example, after watching this video you will be able to know what I mean when I say "I landed" if I am not an airplane. There are a few useful idioms here that will help you improve your Spanish skills. Now, I recommend you start watching the video instead of reading this because otherwise the spell will be broken and you will turn into a mostruo y eso sí que me da miedo. Please donate to Butterfly to produce more lessons: You can donate at: Or through PayPal: Check out my new website and subscribe to my free Spanish learning newsletter at: WEBSITE: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: WATCH MORE VIDEOS: VOCABULARY LISTS: LEARN BASIC SPANISH VOCABULARY: VEGETABLES IN SPANISH THE TOP TRAVEL VOCABULARY IN SPANISH! ✈ LEARN ANIMAL VOCABULARY IN SPANISH! THE LETTER 'H' IN SPANISH: THE LETTERS LL AND Y IN SPANISH: THE LETTERS B & V IN SPANISH THE LETTER G IN SPANISH The letters C, K, S, Z in Spanish: Felicidades :)