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25 Pixar Movie Theories That Change Everything

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Could any of these crazy Pixar fan theories be on to something?! Subscribe to our channel: We all know that Pixar movies are much more than just kids fodder or animated entertainment. The detailed worlds and design are clearly there for adults to obsess over -- breaking down details, finding connections, and coming up with some pretty crazy theories. From long lost relatives to an “Incredible” connection with a true crime story, check out some of the theories and the ways they can change your view of Pixar movies forever! One of the biggest theories to come from Pixar movies has been the all-encompassing Pixar Theory. See how the movies connect and learn about a ton of theories on the smaller scale. For example, have you seen the Pixar movie connections to The Shining? Was the main villain in The Incredibles 2 based off a true crime story with a disturbing ending? Also, why did Elastigirl’s body change from movie to movie? Is there a dark secret she’s kept hidden? Boo is an innocent little girl in Monsters Inc -- but has she grown up to become something a little more sinister than we could have ever imagined? In the Toy Story movies -- and including Toy Story 4, there are a lot of theories involving the characters. For example, is Jessie’s true owner someone we’ve known since the very beginning? What design is the Incredibles house based off of? Watch to see all of the theories and several others as we break down Disney movies! Featuring: MIGUEL & ERNESTO INCREDIBLES 2 & BRIAN WELLS BING BONG IS A REAL MONSTER CARS 3 BIG CRASH HANK’S TENTACLE THE UP ANGEL THE EVIL BUY N LARGE MIGUEL’S LOVE OF MUSIC JESSIE’S ORIGINAL OWNER WALL-E’S SAPLING EDNA MODE’S CAPE CREATION RANDALL AND ANDY WITCH AND HER EASTER EGGS BRAVE AND TALKING ANIMALS SURVIVING IN Monstropolis INCREDIBLE ORPHANS ELASTIGIRL EMBRACING HER BODY BOO THE WITCH NATURE VS NURTURE TOY STORY TOY STORY 3 & The HOLOCAUST WALL-E THE KILLER ROBOT PIXAR AND THE SHINING BILL HADER THE NEW LUCKY CHARM PIXAR AND THE APOCALYPSE THE PIXAR THEORY Check out these other awesome videos! 25 Pixar Movie Theories That Change Everything 10 Theories About Pixar's Incredibles That Totally Change The Movie Our Social Media: Our Website