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Secret of Antarctica - Admiral Richard Byrde

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The loss of the world or inner world theory, which has been seen in many civilizations throughout history, mentions that there is another world under the earth crust, and that this world can be reached from the polar points and the mysterious tunnels under the ground. This myth is so widespread that its roots extend to ancient Egypt and much earlier. Agartha and Shamballa In order to understand the theory of the Lost World, we first need to know about Agartha and Shamballa. According to the legend; a superior race, which was thought to be of spatial origin in ancient times, settled in a country of endless caves beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The people of this alien race were divided into two. Agartha and Shamballa. Agartha called the right hand the way of goodness and honesty, while Shamballa symbolizes the evil and dark path called the left hand. The Agarthans preferred to stay away from the world community, while the Shamballans wanted to take over the world and implement their dark plans. Everything in Agartha was perfect. A sun shining 24 hours a day was mentioned. However, this sun is not our sun, the sun is told in the world itself is told. Holes and Tunnels The entry point of the underground country is the large holes believed to be in the North and South Pole. In addition, this world can be reached with hidden tunnels located in many parts of the world. It is claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is connected to the Inner World by a tunnel. It is believed that the entrance of this tunnel is protected by the Lions or the Knights Templar who swore to keep the secret. A similar entrance tunnel is thought to be at the base of the Great Pyramid in Giza. The secret rooms at the base of the great pyramid are believed to be connected to the Agartha. In fact, according to the believers and believers of this theory, the caves and tunnels in the regions like Nevşehir, Niğde and Göreme are also connected to Agartha. It is mentioned that there are entrances to Egypt, Tibet, Yucatan, Bermuda Triangle, Russia and Africa. Among Native American people, Navajo legends teach that human ancestors come from under the Earth. According to the Navajo legends, ancient people have supernatural powers. After a great flood that has taken place, they are believed to have been forced out of the great caves and once again on the surface, they have transferred their great knowledge to the human race before they call their great temples again. In the belief of the Pueblo Indians, the gods place their source in the inner world. The inner world is connected to people on the surface by a hole in the North. In the history of China, Egypt and Eskimo, he speaks of a large opening in the North and a human race that lives under the Earth's crust. The writings say that their ancestors came from heavenly lands in the Earth. In the Buddhist tradition, Agartha is believed to have millions in the current population of the Underworld kingdom, and its people are thought to have a technology far superior to the technology and knowledge on Earth's surface. They have such a superior technology that it is also mentioned that there are vehicles moving at tremendous speeds in underground tunnels. In fact, according to the researchers, in the Qur'an mentioned in the Quran, the Gog mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel point to the people of Agartha. The Single Witness of the Legend Amiral Byrd The only name confirming the thousands of years of Lost World theory was Admiral Richard Byrd, who claimed to have seen this place in his 1947 North Pole voyage. He recorded his experiences in detail in his diary. And who was Admiral Richard Byrd? He was born in Winchester, Virginia on October 25, 1888. He died in Boston on March 11, 1957 and was a leading family in Virginia. In 1912, he graduated from the US Naval Academy. He joined World War I as a pilot in the Air Force. Byrd, who had crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1921, passed through the North Pole with his co-pilot on May 9, 1926 as the first to achieve this. While passing the North Pole by plane had a great reputation for Bryd, his research on the South Pole was also an important part of his life. Although the existence of Antarctica was known in the West since James Cook, only a narrow coastline was discovered in the 18th and 19th centuries. Research on the continent, which has not yet been shared, has accelerated at the beginning of the twentieth century, in parallel with the search for new areas of influence by the major states. In December 1911, Norwegian explorer Amundsen, and a month later, British explorer Scott arrived at the South Pole. Afterwards, many exploration trips were made to the region, but Byrd's researches made Antarctica an ’unknown continent Daha. Country beyond the pole Other people were also assured that there was no imagination. The next chapter of our video is Richard Bryd's own words.