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Cats - A Jellicle Review

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Adam and Jay are back from the holidays, and for the first new video of 2020 are going jellicle, jellicle, jellicle, and at the end jellicle the movie Cats. Discord: Today on pReview'd, Jay and Adam react to the cats review 2019 funny, then review it, and at the end Jay gives it his special rating. During the cats review 2019 movie they also talk about hubris. Also in this cats musical movie review, i.e. the cats jellicle review, or as it's known on the streets, the cats movie spoilers, Adam puts Cats on blast. A lot. But it wouldn't be a cats movie spoiler review if Jay didn't reenact parts of the movie. But that's not all, this cats review 2019 also comes with a cats movie reaction funny. All this for the low, low price of you hopefully watching the 5 - 15 second commercial before the video. And for good measure cats movie theater reaction, cats 2019 movie reaction, and cats previewd. And that is how you YouTube. Watch more of Adam and Jay making fools of themselves: Every Trailer Reaction: Horror Movie Trailer Reactions: Nerdy Movie Trailer Reactions: Video Game Trailer Reaction: Comedy Movie Trailer Reaction: TV Trailer Reaction: Rom-Com Trailer Reaction: Suspenseful Movie Trailer Reaction: Family Movie Trailer Reaction: Adam’s YT Page w/ stand up, sketches, and other projects: Jay’s YT page w/ stand up: