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[LEGO Mini Robot Film] LEGO Transformers and Combiners Mecha stop motion animation compilation 2

In the end of this video, you can see a hint about my new project. :) And next weekend I am planning to upload transformer gun turret similar with Torbjorn's Turret of Overwatch. Don't forget to subscribe for more fun! :) Easy LEGO Builds Easy LEGO Tutorial Easy LEGO Creation How to transform How to build instructions, Building tutorial How to make LEGO transformer - building instructions #Lego #Robot #Transformers #Tutorial #figure #レゴ #レゴロボ #레고로봇 #brickfilm #mecha Copyright © 2019 by Mini LEGO Youtuber all rights reserved. Do not use the original LEGO design on this channel and video for any commercial purpose.