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Russia - British girl sentenced to hard labour

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T/I: 10:19:23 A Moscow court on Thursday (17/10) sentenced a young British woman to six years of hard labour for illegally possessing cocaine. SHOWS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA 17/10 Exterior of court where British woman is brought to trial; Karen Henderson led into court. Family and friends of British woman, Karen Henderson, enter court; judge speaks and gives her sentence of 6 years of hard labour for cocaine smuggling, guards standing by, court translator speaking, judge ; Henderson's sister stooped over weeping at table in court; SOT british consul-general, ian kydd, in english: "We will be looking at this with the lawyers, as I understand it she will be staying where she is at the moment." Family walking out of court, sister being supported. 1.52 You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive: