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Check out this set of hard riddles on crime for analytical minds only! These detective riddles can become a great workout for your brain. Turn on your logic and imagination to crack these puzzles before the time is up. You're welcome to try these riddles out and share your thoughts in the comments! 00:14 - A criminal case for experienced detectives only! If you have found out the correct answer to this riddle by yourself, you're either a genius or a psycho, because an average person just can't think this way. Try to crack this detective riddle if you dare! 02:28 - Who stole the clothes? Test your attentiveness and ability to think fast! Find the thief before the time is up! 03:45 - A super tricky brain teaser for the best #RiddleSolvers! I'm sure that this puzzle will make you do some hard thinking, so don't rush and pause the video if you want to think more about the answer ;) 05:23 - A mind-blowing brain teaser that will boost your intelligence and increase your IQ level! 06:27 - A mysterious case that will blow your mind away if you can't think outside the box! Will you find the solution and help Bob find out who his girlfriend is? The answer is so simple that everyone fails to find it😵 08:12 - This strange case can easily be called one of the hardest crime riddles ever! Even this experienced judge is totally puzzled and doesn't know what to do. But how is this possible? Why the law doesn't apply to people like her? Prove that you deserve being called and detective and tell me what the case is🕵😉 09:28 - A thrilling logic riddle that will make you rack your brain hard! This is the hardest situation a person can ever face, but a real genius will be able to solve it and save his life and his wife's life. Will you dare to take this challenge? 10:54 - This mysterious riddle will wow your brain and make you puzzle over really hard. Don't brush aside even the craziest idea! Maybe it is the correct answer indeed🐺😉 11:54 - A brain-itching crime riddle only a highly intelligent one can solve! How could the famous killer fail this time? You will have to rack your brain and find the answer. Can you do this before the time is over? A detective riddle with answer to exercise your brain! 13:40 - This is a mind-twisting crime riddle only the best detective can investigate. You will have to think outside the box and use all your logic and imagination to cope with this task. If you feel it's too difficult (and it IS), just sit back and wait for the answer😜 TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you! #mysteryriddles #hardriddles #crimeriddles Music: Epidemic Sound Music: Youtube Library Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: