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NEW Fortnite Update - New CHILLER Trap Coming To Fortnite Season 6! (Fortnite New Update)

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A NEW Fortnite Update Is Coming, Bringing The “Chiller” Item Into The Game! Fortnite New Update IS COMING! New Update Fortnite Is Going To Be Awesome! Fortnite Season 6 Is Getting A New Item! The new fortnite update will bring a new item into the game, the “Chiller Trap”. This item “Hits all enemies on trap when triggered doing small damage and slowing players”. Fortnite new update will bring a another new item into fortnite season 6! During season 6 fortnite, epic games vaulted a lot of items in the game, so it would make sense to bring a new item with a new update fortnite. Season 6 will be a lot more fun with this new item coming to fortnite! Anyway, Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video: “NEW Fortnite Update - NEW “Chiller Trap” Item Coming To Fortnite Season 6! (Fortnite New Update)”! If you enjoyed, MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE ON THE VIDEO! THANK YOU! ▶ LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU’RE EXCITED FOR THE NEW FORTNITE UPDATE! ▶ LEAVE A COMMENT OF YOU’RE THOUGHTS ON THE NEW CHILLER TRAP ITEM! ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FORTNITE VIDEOS! *TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS A VIDEO! ▶ MY LAST VIDEO (LEAVE IT A LIKE!) ▶ CHECK OUT ALL OF MY FORTNITE VIDEOS HERE: ▶ Business Inquiries: [email protected] ▶ FOLLOW ME: Twitch: Twitter: Snapchat: YouTube: Thanks For Watching :D