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Ranking SURVIVORS by Best Teachable Perks | Dead by Daylight

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A tier list for Dead by Daylight survivors, ranking them based on their 3 teachable perks. If you are new to the game, this could be a decent guide for the order to follow when leveling your survivors for their teachable perks. (Luckily some of the free survivors have pretty good teachables!) Just another reminder - this is only my opinion, and it is based on the balance / meta of perks at the time this video was uploaded. My opinion is subject to change over time and as perks are rebalanced. Please feel free to share your opinions and tier ranks in the comments! ALSO this video was made during Patch 3.2.2, BEFORE the Patch 3.3 PTB was released so I didn't know about the upcoming perk buffs and major medkit changes. Knowing what's coming in that patch, I'd make the following adjustments to tier rankings: - Laurie would move into A or maybe even lower because Object of Obsession (as of Patch 3.3) won't apply to Undetectable killers, which is about 1/4th of the current roster. Feng Min might be moved slightly for the same reason. Bill would probably go up to take Laurie's spot in S tier - Claudette would move into the A tier because her perks all enhance the value of medkits. Since base medkits (and most of their addons) are going to be stronger she deserves to move up a tier. Botany make meds more efficient and faster, Self Care makes self used medkits more efficient (emergency kits!), and Empathy makes it much easier to track down other survivors for heals (altruistic medkit heals 10-25% faster in 3.3) - Quentin would move into C tier, although near the end, because Pharmacy can be used to farm Emergency Medkits which should provide some of the fastest heals in the game after Patch 3.3 - David Tapp would move to the front of D tier because Detective's Hunch has been buffed and overall his perks are more viable than Ace's Just keep in mind that these tier rankings are subject to change based on my opinion, future patch updates, and strong arguments that convince to change my mind :^) also we have a discord now: Background Music: Ohayo by Smith The Mister Smith The Mister Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library "Terrain" Instrumental by Homage "Strings for the road" Music Provided by Dj Quads Youtube: Soundcloud: Coffee by Prod. Riddiman Riddiman's YT channel Riddiman's Spotify #dbd #survivorteachables #tierlist