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i sold a fake lamborghini for $999,999,999

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i sold a fake lamborghini for $999,999,999 Subscribe if you like! + Watch More Strange Simulator Games Here! + a crappy situation Follow me on Twitter! + Like me on Facebook! + Car dealer on Steam! + ---------------------------------- Watch More From GrayStillPlays: The Sims 4: Building Cities that ruin lives: Ending the Universe Repeatedly: Messing with Genetics in SPECIES: Games where you makeF loads of money: Life Simulator Games: Games where you make terrible choices: Dating for terrible people: Farming Simulator 19: ruining Lives with Natural disasters: ---------------------------------- ABOUT: CAR DEALER Manage the world's most popular auto gallery. Sell ​​vehicles in your auto gallery that will appeal to customers. Grow your auto gallery and make it the most popular in the world. Watch out, thieves are walking around! You can purchase various measures for your car gallery such as bodyguards and security camera. There are many people and places to interact with in the city, where you can meet your various needs. You can make a website by agreeing with freelancers. You can make a website by agreeing with freelancers, and attract more customers to your auto gallery by buying fake reviews. You don't just need to sell vehicles to earn money. Explore the city and set up your big auto gallery. #Graystillplays #indie #simulation