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I Made Every Bad Life Choice and This Happened - Imagine Lifetimes

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I Made Every Bad Life Choice and This Happened - Imagine Lifetimes Subscribe if you like! + Watch More Strange Simulator Games Here! + How can you die from swiping? Follow me on Twitter! + Like me on Facebook! + Imagine Lifetimes on Gamejolt! + ---------------------------------- Watch More From GrayStillPlays: The Best VR Games: The Strangest Random Games: The Long Dark Story Mode: Ravenfield: Total Tank Simulator: My Summer Car: My Little Blacksmith Shop: BeamNG Drive: Brick Rigs: Raft: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator: ---------------------------------- ABOUT: Imagine Lifetimes Imagine Lifetimes is a narrative driven simulation game about the meaning of life. Shape your path through a series of life-changing decisions as you choose your way to the end. 5d0d258622aba.gif Features Dreadfully lighthearted entertainment The true meaning of life An existential crisis As in real life, two randomly generated parents define your character through genes. Born with the ability to choose, your actions and decisions shape the paths ahead of you. 5d0d2587e4f50.png Explore a wide variety of ever-changing paths and endings Choose wisely, every choice has the potential to affect your playthrough Question the absurdity of existence as you figure out what it means to be alive #graystillplays #indie #simulation