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FROSTY -Jailed 2.8 years UKDrill #CountyLines #MusicNews

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#Frosty went viral online from a song done on remand for a #countylines drug operation, the song was called County Lines and explained the life he lived in that profession . It has accumulated over 2 million views and he has recieved record deal offer's and it was viewed by american rapper Kodak Black. his solicitor said in court he want's to leave behind the drug life and become a musician on release. He and Farshan Ibrahimi were caught with 7000 in cocaine and heroine during a raid on the 'trap house' /flat by police after they watched them for several weeks . Frosty was claimed to have said by police 'don't say anything i will take the rap for this ' to ibrahimi upon arrest. The court described this as a noble act and reduced his sentence due to guilty pleas what do you think the future holds directed and narrated by gully.GM scarcitystudios Join our patreon for extra updates and exclusive content weekly for just $2 a month help build scarcity quicker to tel the stories that matter and connect with me cia patreon