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22 Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner in Stardew Valley (enable annotations!)

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PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ENABLE ANNOTATIONS FOR THIS VIDEO! So if you've watched my 24 hour stream or the little recap I did on it you might've seen me play Stardew Valley as well. I'm sure it's no surprise I've been playing a whole lot more of it after the stream was over because it's exactly the type of game I can get completely hooked on. But as with most games I didn't start the game knowing a few tips and tricks that would've come in handy had I thought of it earlier so I'll be sharing what I've learned during my first year (well, 2 years at this point) with you in case you want to start playing the game as well with a little more knowledge going in! The Ponyta and Meowth you're seeing in my gameplay are Pokémon mods! If you want to try them out too you can find them all here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch Twitter Consequence