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MAGICK, OBJECT LINKS & DEFENCE! by Dr. Bill Schnoebelen

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The Torah teaches that our souls (Nefesh) can both 'touch' and be 'touched' by clean and unclean physical objects (Lev 5:2, 29:37, Ex 30:29; Mt 9:20-21; 2 Kings 13:21). But what are the physical implications of these blessings and/or cursings - Can personal belongings really be used by occultists and witches to harm us? Find out how these Object Links are used in Magickal rituals & manipulations like a trojan horse to oppress, curse and hinder us! Learn HOW to pray and SEVER OBJECT LINKS from their destructive powersource, and WHY understanding these cursed links is vital for Believers today! In this video Dr. William Schnoebelen shares TACTICAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE and exhorts the Body of Messiah with Scripture - AMP UP YOUR SPIRITUAL WEAPONRY! With One Accord Ministries has hundreds of FREE RESOURCES online and numerous DVDs, books and tracts so YOU can get GEARED UP and thwart the enemy's plans! THANK YOU for Standing with us - Please, Prayerfully become a Friend or Partner today! PRAYER TO SEVER OBJECT LINKS on WOAM's website: https:// With One Accord Ministries Homepage: With a deep spiritual love for Yahuwah and His people, Dr. Bill shares many Prayer and Spiritual Warfare teachings, Torah and Hebraic Scripture Studies, lessons in Apologetics and health teachings as Free Resources on his website, along with his best-selling books and DVDs that support WOAM’s outreach programs. Dr. William ‘Bill’ Schnoebelen is a prophetic speaker, teacher, prayer warrior, Scriptural scholar and defender of the faith. Since 1986 he has ministered to bring tens of thousands to salvation for the glory of Yahuwah while counseling pastors, teachers, congregation leadership and other ministries to prepare and equip themselves and their following brethren for victory in spiritual battle during these End Times. With the Ruach’s (Holy Spirit’s) leading, he founded With One Accord Ministries in 1992 to faithfully become an internationally recognized voice and Biblical-historical author and teacher. His Hebraic-Nazarite instructions on living the Set Apart life, Prayer Liberation, Healing and Spiritual Warfare continue adding to the dedicated Believer’s spiritual arsenal for today.