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Crochet making leaf

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We are together with Crochet Knit Sheet Making videomuz. I will try to show you how to crochet Leaf Motif in detail. Now, for those who prefer to learn as an illustrative illustration, I will also describe how to make a leaf pattern model step by step with pictures. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel: The construction of the crochet leaf model is a very enjoyable knitting job. In many of your knitting models, you will use it with knitting ornamental purposes. The knitted leaf pattern will be a very nice knitting applique model. This pattern of woven sheets is a very different example. There are many different weaving stages. I will later show you more simple knitted leaf models and constructions made with you. I wanted to do this first because this mesh leaf model is very nice. Once you learn how to make this leaf motif, you can color it by planting it with roses like roses. You can make very nice ornaments for making knit children blanket models, knitting baby blankets models. You can settle down with these green green leaves next to the small braid flower applique models you will be taking. YOU CAN FINISH YOURSELF TO THESE CONDITIONS   Lady Dilendi Bey Begendi How to Motif Knitted Rose Production | Crochet Work Simple Flower Making Crochet Work Three Dimensional Knitted Flower Motif Made How is the heart from the ribs? | Heart-shaped Ribbon Ornament Making Do not forget that the weave design and ornamentation is completely dependent on your imagination. It will be easier for you if you make the steps of the leaf making there step by step. A model that needs attention during production, you can also make this leaf model in different colors. Now if you want to go step by step to the construction of the leaf knitting model Now let's go to construction. Materials: * Green rope - for shoe * Crochet - Number 1 * Scissors We do not need crochet techniques * Chain pull * Needle construction * Double handrails * Triple ladder * Single handrails You can contact us from our Social Media Accounts    Facebok: Google Plus: Twitter: Instagram: Our site: Crochet Knitting The Leaf Making video is a joy to you.