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Here is a set of 9 crime riddles to test your IQ! You will easily solve these brain teasers if your IQ is above 150. Solving riddles is a proven way to raise your IQ score. So if you want to improve your logical skills check these riddles out! And don't forget to share your answers to the hardest riddles in this set: 00:14 - A mind-blowing crime puzzle that will test your critical thinking! Who killed the teacher? 01:06 - Jane worked as a manicurist in a beauty salon. One day her body was found there. Who killed her? Talk to the clients and find the killer! 02:29 - Who was killed by the waiter? A mind-blowing riddle on crime that will test your logic and analytical skills! 03:48 - Who killed the bullies? A mind-blowing difficult riddle on crime to test your IQ and increase your logical skills! 05:20 - A new episode of the show you were looking forward to! Today Detective Rid is going to face a difficult case only a pro can crack. Are you smart enough to accompany him and be his assistant for today? If so, put your hat on and rush to the crime scene! 08:23 - Sarah worked as a maid in a rich house. One day her body was found there. Who killed her? Test your logical skills and detective mind with this crime riddle! 09:13 - A brain-boosting crime riddle for the best detectives! John's body was found near his favorite bar. Detective visited John's brother to tell about the tragedy but... arrested him. Why? 10:27 - A classic criminal riddle to improve your IQ level and boost your detective skills! It's a dark and thrilling story, so focus your mind and try to not get scared. Will you be a match for this riddle? 11:51 - Who killed the teacher?! Boost your brain speed with this short crime puzzle! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve! #logicriddles #crimepuzzles #easyriddles Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: Music: Epidemic Sound Music: Youtube Library Stock materials (photos, footages and other): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: