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Gravity explained - visualized (it will blow your mind)

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A physics teacher in the USA Dan Burnes adapted a presentation explaining/visualizing Gravity. Using less than $100 of materials he has been able to explain a theory/force that stumps the best of us. I just wish I had a teacher like him when I was in secondary school or university - physics would have been a lot more comprehensive and enjoyable. I hope this video encourages and inspires others to create their own universes and discover what happens when you play with the space time continuum, gravity, spandex/lycra pvc tubing, marbles, weights and other spheres. I can't wait to see what students, parents, teachers, tutors, colleagues come up with and I hope they video their universes at play and post them for all of us to see. Cheers ~ ozetuts - (an aussie tutorial channel helping others learn in exciting, fun and alternative media and environments). P.S: I can't believe he did that to my bike shorts, lol :D