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Capricho Arabe | Tarrega | Guitar Lesson#1 (of 2) | NBN Guitar

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In this guitar tutorial I will teach you how to play the first section of Capricho Árabe by the romantic Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. This guitar tutorial shows the D-minor section or the first 36 bars and includes fingering for both hands, rhythm, and expressive touches like sul tasto, ponticello, rubato and more to help you really bring this lovely piece to life! Tutorial#2: Tuning (Drop D): 1 - E 2 - B 3 - G 4 - D 5 - A 6 - D MY GEAR: MY GUITAR: LOW TENSION STRINGS: MEDIUM TENSION STRINGS: HIGH TENSION STRINGS: HIGH TENSION STRINGS: ACOUSTIC STRINGS: ELECTRIC STRINGS: CAPO: PICKS: CABLES: PEDAL BOARD: TECHNIQUE BOOK: Pumping Nylon: CAMERA: MIC: iMac: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: My classical guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons will help you to learn to play the guitar. I cover a wide range of guitar music and each of my guitar lessons comes complete with matching guitar tabs and guitar sheet music. These online guitar tutorials are a one-stop shop giving you an effective means of learning beautiful guitar music without needing a teacher in your local area. You don't need to be able to read tab or sheet music to play any of the songs in these guitar lessons but they can be a powerful tool that can assist you to become a better and more rounded guitarist. All guitar tabs for my lessons are free and can be downloaded easily from our website or you can leave a comment with your email address, like and subscribe to my channel and we will happily send out any tabs that you request. For a very small fee you can also purchase the guitar sheet music that contains standard music notation with guitar tabs underneath, suggested left hand fingerings, and performance indications. I hold a Licentiate in Performance Classical Guitar with Distinction from the Trinity College of London and I love arranging music for guitar. I have well over 20 years of teaching experience at many schools in New Zealand and also at one school in Dubai, and privately in Bahrain. I have taught people from all ages and skill levels and continue to do so via YouTube. My guitars and effects are provided by Takamine, Ibanez, Boss, and Fractal Audio. Guitar Tabs | Acoustic Guitar | How to play guitar | Guitar Lesson | Learn Guitar | Classical guitar |Learn to play guitar | Guitar Music | Guitar Tutorial | Online Guitar Lesson |