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Selling my broken Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Eco-atm!

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#SuperDavesHowTo #ecoatm A guide to buying and selling phones: Get your Merch here: 🌀DON'T CLICK HERE: Blindfolding my kid and taking him on a shopping spree: Selling my grandpa's vintage cell phone: Don't tell Walmart I sold their display phone: See more of our videos here: This is how you can sell your broken Samsung Galaxy. My phone is stuck on the startup screen how much will I get for it? This phone was awesome! It was rooted and I tried to restore it but it did not work! I don't Really like the Iphone! You have to be techsmartt in this day and age. Use this link to get a $5 Visa gift card when you sell your phone: This video was recorded with this phone Get a FREE share of stock at this link. Install the Robinhood app and sign up. Follow on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: