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Infantry Statistics, Pros & Cons - Red Alert 2 [YR]

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In most RTS games, the statistics of the units are available next to the unit's icon in the interface. However, there are occasions where you do not have a clue about the stats of the units through the game and Red Alert is one of those games. In this video you can have see and compare the statistics of all the infantry units in the game. Those statistics are explained below. Cost: How many resources a unit needs. Build Time: How much time a unit needs to be recruited. Tier: There are 3 tiers in the game. The higher the tier the more structures a unit requires in order to be available for training. Tier 1 are units that are available without building anything else rather than the Barracks. Tier 2 usually require Airport/Radar/Psychic radar Tier 3 usually require a Battle Lab. Damage: The amount damage of a unit deals per hit. Attack Range: The maximum range of a unit that it can attack from. Cooldown: The time a unit needs to re-attack again. The lower the number, the faster the unit attacks. Hit points: The health of a unit. Armor: The type of armor a unit has. There are three types of armor for infantry. None, Flak, Plate. None means the unit has no armor and will not resist any damage. Flak offers some better protection and plate is the best armor for infantry which greater protects from bullets. Sight Range: How far a unit can see. Speed: The move-speed of a unit. Some units have also some extra abilities like self-heal and deploy. A list of pros and cons is also shown in the video which may offer some valuable information. You get the Chrono Commando by using a Spy in an Allied Battle Lab. You get the Chrono Ivan by using a Spy in a Soviet Battle Lab. You get the Psi Commando by using a Spy in Yuri's Battle Lab. You get the Yuri Prime in Red Alert2 by using a Spy in a soviet Battle Lab while also playing as Soviet. I can't be sure that every single stat is correct but for the most part they must be right. Many thanks to the user "TAK02" for helping a lot with the audio files. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge playlist: • Facebook: • Forum for help and discussions: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------