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Hold On || Someone you loved || Guys don't like me || Hooked || GLMVS || OC Backstory || 65k Special

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I truly hope you enjoyed this video since it took me awhile to finish! This is Alexander's backstory, and I'm sorry if you don't really understand it =^= Apps used: Gacha Life PowerDirector IbisPaintX Google Funimate Youtube Youtube Studio I do NOT own the musics used in this video. Youtube please, I beg you, don't take this video down for awhile like the other TwT Musics used: Hold On- Someone you loved: Guys don't like me: Hooked: time took: 2-3 weeks? scrennshots took: alot- Hmm, btw, the hooked glmv was inspired by some gachatubers I made this video more for fun, I hope you enjoyed even with some mistakes in it =^= Bye Nya~