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°•Why Can't I Just Buy Your Love?...•° [GLMM] Part 2

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The moment you've all been waiting for! "Why Can't I Just Buy Your Love?..." Part 2 is finaly here! And yes, I HAD to make a funny dad ending DON'T JUDGE ME By the way thank you all so much for 275k+ subscribers! I promise you I'll do the voice reveal by singing an extremely short song😅 I know I was supposed to do it after 200k but I was caught off guard! We went to a short vacation for just 3 days and when I got back home I saw 273k subs and was shocked! (It was 189k before the vacation) Just be patient guys because I have 3 more videos I have to do before the voice reveal and I'm thinking I should make a dare video? Is that a good idea? And again this video has an extreme amount of gacha logic😂 Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh and here's the link to season 2! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me on Amino! Where you can make posts and chat with new friends! : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me on my new Instagram! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~