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Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there. Who do you want to see next on SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX?! Leave a comment and let us know! Watch EVERY ZODIAC SIGN EVER: Watch Mystery Smoothie Challenge | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Watch ProJared Drama & Ian Dating Courtney's Sister? - SmoshCast #13: Punch that bell icon so you'll know when we add a new episode! Subscribe To Smosh Pit: Shop The Smosh Clothing Line: Follow Us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Ian Hecox: Courtney Miller: Damien Haas: Shayne Topp: Sarah Whittle: Check Out Our Other Smosh Channels: Smosh: Smosh Pit: Smosh Games: SmoshCast: