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How Coraline Could Have Been CREEPIER

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Subscribe for more animations! ► The CREEPIEST Dating Tales! ► The Dumbest Halloween Costume Ever! ► Who DOESN'T love Coraline? I sure do! I've been thinking that it was not as creepy as I remember, so I had a look back at the book and... yep! This movie could have been one heck of a lot creepier! Join me as I compare the book and movie in an animated tale of unchecked creepiness. We look at alternative Other Mothers with dark pasts, scary minions, rich decaying descriptions, twisted timelines, and so so much more. Watch if you dare! Voiceover editing by ► @HeyZKay (Twitter) "Waltz of Treachery, Malicious, Floating Cities, and Unholy Knight" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License #Coraline #YouTubeAnimation #Animation #CoralineTheory #StorytimeAnimation