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The Batman (2021) Batsuit FIRST LOOK & Breakdown

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THE BATMAN (2021) has its first OFFICIAL video released and that link will be in the comments BELOW! OR you can find it on Matt Reeves Twitter page.. IT features Robert Pattinson doing his first movements in the Batsuit. It also features the new Batman Score. Explain your reactions to the NEW Batman suit in the comments below! Be sure to hit that notification bell to know when I post my reviews, lists, Netflix coverage, and MORE. Also smash that thumbs up button to show support for this vid! Interested in what I use to make these videos? You can find my chair, microphone and camera equipment right here: ALSO, check out the merch located below my vid (shirts, socks, etc)! Letterboxd - Click this link to find my list of EVERY 2020 movie I have seen RANKED from LEAST to MOST favorite: You all can become a Patron to get so many more videos, content and prizes, automatically, just from signing up - Instagram & Twitter - @theburk3nator Snapchat - burk3nator #TheBatman #TheBatman2021 #TheBatmanSuit #TheBatmanBatsuit #TheBatmanSuitReveal #TheBatmanBreakdown #TheBatmanReaction #Batsuit