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Richard Dawkins baffled by stupidity

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A compilation of moments where Richard Dawkins is baffled by the stupidity, ignorance, delusion, and bizarre logic that surrounds him. In every one of these clips Dawkins is always the smartest one in the room. Feel the facepalm. PS: I'm a fan of Bill Maher, but his "sex and phallic symbol" idea was a bit strange, as you can see by the look on Richards face. richard dawkins bill maher john lennon imagine cardinal george pelland qanda q&a compilation funny dawafilms o'reilly fox news bigquestions revelation tv revelationtv real time janeane garofalo juliebishop islamic fundamentalist "Fox News Channel (TV Network)" Abc Beatles Mccartney Harrison "Stupidity (Quotation Subject)" Bbc atheist atheism religion neanderthals evolution creationism Darwin Debate christopher hitchens jews outrage offensive offended Media foundation reason science immoral nonbelievers miserable neanderthals definition of success true for me anybody else or not take a leak million years don't understand release waste evolve phallic symbols sex seattle meant by nothing dispute simple funny teachings of jesus peaceful love each other secular society national british sausage appreciation society remind wisdom dictionary individual variation darwinism admirable tortured sins of humanity complex new testament doctrine st. paul's view atone for humanities sins ridicule disrespectful fix your women islamic fundamentalist valid question star sign serious