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Spider: what's Varys up to?

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Varys is one of the most mysterious characters in Game of Thrones and ASOIAF. What's he up to? How does his plan involve Viserys and Daenerys? And is Aegon a Blackfyre? Subscribe: Support on Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: More Game of Thrones videos: Created with Toon Boom Studio 8.1, a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet, and a Blue Yeti microphone. Images and video from Game of Thrones, Oliver!, Lord of the Rings and Wizard of Oz are the property of their creators, used here under fair use. References and further reading: https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.w... Images: Thanks to the following Patrons: xandria lenert, @MrFifaSA, Cameron Weiss, @Vineyarddawg, Michael Appell, zyad aloqily, @AdamWritesPlays, Fred Petty, Jason Rattray, Madeline Cockrel, Matthew Elisha Williams. Errata: 10:25 Daemon Blackfyre's original name was Daemon Waters, not Daemon Rivers