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Мастер Класс Создание барельефа Виноградная лоза | Наталья Боброва

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Website: VK Group: Easy way to create a bas-relief: the vine. White bas-relief decorate and freshen any interior. It dilutes the color of the walls and unites in a single composition with white bricks and the ceiling. The video shows the basic nuances. Comments will help to take into account all peculiarities of bas-relief. Video 3. In order to make their own bas-relief on the wall you will need simple materials. This video tutorial will be especially interesting to anyone who first encounters with the creation of bas-relief or sculpture, on the wall. The wall decorations can be of different level of complexity and sophistication. I show you one of the most simple but effective ways. After watching this video tutorial you will be able to create a bas-relief on the wall with their hands. 0:19 I use two types of decorative plaster 0:34 pre-draw a line with a pencil 0:55 white image will be beautifully combined with white ceiling 1:11 of the lines can intersect 1:33 that branches are not too rounded I shape them with the knife 1:50 if necessary, add a wide branch 2:15 to take into account the beautiful composition of each picture element 2:22 a bunch of grapes 2:33 using a palette knife to define the shape of each grape 3:03 form each grape 3:20 if you are using a thin plaster, which keeps the volume 3:58 I start to spray the leaves 4:29 importantly, the leaves are not repeated 5:08 you can start refining the overall image 5:24 I usually do not draw outline 5:33 where the line will go on top of the leaves 5:53 the vividness of the lines creates the liveliness of the image 5:57 what problems might follow 6:02 not all materials hold a good thickness 6:11 places may crack 6:18 if the crack suddenly appeared 6:50 somewhere to trim the contours Decorating the walls of the hallway: Video 1: How to make an imitation of brickwork can be seen here Video 2: How to create a background for the bas-relief, the application of decorative plaster here If you haven't decided what to otdelenov wall can download free book "dress the walls" Write! Ask questions! I really appreciate your opinion so I can make more useful and interesting videos! More work on Instagram: Vkontakte: Facebook :